Online Film Festival

My Lockdown Companion is a stop-motion film project that will showcase a collection of short stories narrated by young people living within the Tunbridge Wells Borough, about their personal account of what, or who got through the Covid 19 pandemic.

16+ age category is still ongoing and will be announced soon. We will be in touch with the winners in writing regarding their prizes shortly.


5 – 10 yrs category:

1st: Leo, “Football”

2nd: Ellie and Izzy, “Cats”
3rd: Liz and Teresa, “Feather Carpet”


11 – 15 yrs Category:

1st: Saskia, Hannah and James, “Saskia, Hannah and James’ Story”

2nd: Alexis, “Thank goodness for technology”
3rd: Evie 9 and Daisy, “What I did in lockdown”


All other entries

Tommy 7 Lee 10
Delarey 11
Zac 10
Grace 13
Peyton 15
Stefan 7
Helen 8
Connor 12
Liam 10
Scarlet 8
Destinee 7
Laura 9 Jake 9
Jasmine 8
Tommy 14
Valeria 8
Alfie 14
Reuben, Jack, and Freddie

There’s more to come and encourage everyone to submit your My Lockdown Companion videos as soon as possible. You can download all the information you need below.





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