Corona Connects Challenge

The Corona Connects Weekly Challenge – A chance for all the family to have fun together and grab your 5 minutes of fame!

Do you reckon you have what it takes to become a legend during lockdown? Are you and your family hiding some secret skills and talent? Then join in our weekly online challenge to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Corona Connects winner!

Our challenges are open to everyone in your household (including pets) and we want to see you giving it your all! Each week we will post a challenge for you and your household to join in with. Our team of experts will select a winner who will be announced on the TW Website and social media.

Fitness Challenge Winner!

The winner of the Corona Connects Fitness Challenge is the Heaslewood family from Southborough and their brilliant golfing antics! Well done!

Fitness Challenge

How have you kept active during lockdown? Have you and your family become Joe Wicks converts? Perhaps you’ve managed to hold a plank for 60 seconds or broken your keepie uppie record. Whatever your fitness achievements, we want to hear from you! Send us a picture of you or your household doing your favourite sport to for a chance to be in the fitness hall of fame. Entries close at 5pm on Friday 26 June.

Face Mask Portraits Winner!

The winner of the Corona Connects Face Mask Portrait Challenge is Vicky Bedford and her daughter.

Face Mask Portraits

This week’s Corona Connects Challenge is to send us a picture of you and your favourite face mask. It’s been great to see some creative and fun masks out there so how about taking a picture of you or your family and friends wearing your face mask with pride. Send us a pic to for a chance to be in the face mask hall of fame. Entries close at 5pm on 19 June.

Ravers & Revellers Winner!

The winner of the Ravers & Revellers challenge is Lauren Brook celebrating her 26th Birthday via a Zoom Party. Happy Birthday Lauren!

Ravers & Revellers

Calling all ravers and revellers young and old!! Have you got what it takes to party hard? Are you a demon on the dance floor? Don’t let Coronavirus halt your party plans. Recreate your favourite party or festival at home or in your garden and get that smart speaker cranked up! Send us in a pic to for a chance to be in the Ravers hall of fame. #dontstopdancing

Wildlife Wonders Winner!

The winner of the Wildlife Wonders challenge is this beautiful picture of a Heron taken by Linda Goodhart. Linda says: "This is a photograph I took recently in Dunorlan Park when taking a daily walk with my dogs. I only realised I had captured the sky and overhanging tree reflected in the lake when I got home and loaded it to my laptop. I hope you like it." . . . We love it Linda!

Wildlife Wonders

Do you fancy yourself as the next David Attenborough? Or how about our very own local wildlife legend Dr Ian Beavis? This week's Corona Connects Challenge is ‘Wildlife Wonders’. Look in your gardens, window boxes, and out on your daily walk for signs of spring and summer. With our world on pause during lockdown, nature has benefited hugely and is shouting out to us to look and appreciate what is around us. Grab your phone or camera and send us a snap to

Ration Book Recipe Winner!

The winner of the Corona Connects Challenge War Time Recipe is Kay Wilson with her Nan’s famous bread and butter pudding. It’s a lovely family recipe that she makes all the time for her little boy. Enjoy!

Best Ration Book Recipes

Have you got what it takes to become a kitchen legend with a mouth watering war time meal? Inspired by the VE Day celebrations, this week’s challenge is to recreate a war time inspired recipe. For some meal ideas why not visit the VE Day page of TW Social. Entries for this challenge have now closed.

Pet Portrait Winner!

Our winning Pet Portrait is Chips the dog, sent in by Mel Dye. Chips was captured pretending to be a cuddly toy. Congratulations to Chips and Mel!

Pet Portraits

Does your pet look like you? Do you look like your pet? Do you and your pet like dressing up? This theme is open to interpretation and creativity. Entries for this challenge have now closed.

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